Here are our Frequently Asked Questions to help you clear up your doubts


Who has access to my data?

The data accessed by TeamsChamp is the user’s usage signals in the organization provided by Microsoft Office Graph. TeamsChamp accesses these metrics, applies a mathematical algorithm to generate and aggregate the data and convert it into business metrics. These metrics are identified in TeamsChamp as Digital Communication and Digital Collaboration.

TeamsChamp DOES NOT ACCESS PERSONAL DATA OR CONTENT of activity signals, but the final sum of the last 7 days of the number of records of each activity signal.

Who can see my data?

The sum of the activity signals collected by TeamsChamp are not accessible by anyone other than ENCAMINA, ONLY aggregated and processed data related to Digital Communication and Digital Collaboration are displayed on screen.

What is the format of the data accessed by TeamsChamp?

The format of TeamsChamp data is an integer. This number represents the total aggregate of the last 7 days of each user’s signal activity. It never accesses the contents of the analyzed signals.

What information do we have stored on TeamsChamp?

We keep the aggregate number of activity signals of each Office 365 tenant user, but ONLY those that are registered on the TeamsChamp platform with an assigned user license are processed. You can read more information about this here.

Who owns TeamsChamp's data?

The data generated by TeamsChamp is owned by the client, but is hosted in the Microsoft Azure subscription of ENCAMINA S.L.. The client can always exercise the rights stated in the current GDPR law.

If I unsubscribe, will my data still be used?

Clients have the right to delete or stop using their data on request to info@teamschamp.com. Unless otherwise indicated, your data will be used in an AGGREGATED, NEVER CUSTOMIZED OR IDENTIFIED MANNER to establish medians and benchmarking in the application, so that it can be used in parameters calculated for the rest of TeamsChamp’s customers.

Do employees have to sign any kind of authorization for the use we make of their data?

No, since they are actually aggregated from the activity usage signals generated by Microsoft. TeamsChamp does NOT generate data, it connects to the source of the company’s activity signals and applies a statistical algorithm. But IT DOES NOT GENERATE ACTIVITY SIGNALS. The only authorization TeamsChamp needs is for a company’s OFFICE 365 ADMINISTRATOR to accept consent to process the company’s activity signals.

Will ENCAMINA have access to the data/signal set of all companies that are simultaneously using TeamsChamp?

Yes, all activity signals from the companies registered in TeamsChamp are hosted in the Azure subscription of ENCAMINA S.L.

What if someone doesn't want to participate?

If a user does not want to participate in TeamsChamp, he or she may refuse by informing the platform administrator and being removed from the included TeamsChamp users.


Where is my data hosted? EU, USA, AU?

The data is hosted in the Azure subscription of ENCAMINA S. L. The Microsoft servers where TeamsChamp is hosted are in Europe (EU).

Who protects my data?

The data is under Microsoft’s security paradigm. ENCAMINA enables all security services provided by Microsoft to ensure that the latest Microsoft security is applied in TeamsChamp.

Where are my credit card details stored?

Credit card details are NOT stored in ENCAMINA, they are only used by ENCAMINA to manage payment and subscription through the STRIPE payment processing platform. You can consult here their security page.

How do you ensure payment security?

TeamsChamp uses Stripe as its payment platform. You can check here their security mechanisms.

Do you comply with GDPR?

TeamsChamp complies with GDPR legislation, establishing the necessary mechanisms to comply with the regulation.


Can I compare my results?

The results that can be compared, are compared with the rest of your colleagues in the company that are registered in TeamsChamp.

On the “Global” tab you can compare the 10 best users in the organization, and on the “My Team” tab you can compare team colleague. Also, in this tab there is a “benchmarking” section for your team and the company.

Can I share my TeamsChamp data with social networks?

At the moment NO, but the possibility of sharing your personal area on Social Media is being developed.

When users are temporarily deactivated, are their metrics lost? Or can they have them back where they left them once their profile is reactivated?

TeamsChamp is based on the activity signals of the last 7 days, so when a user is registered, the signals of this temporary window are taken into consideration. When a user is deregistered, processing of the user’s signals is paused. Therefore, users who have been deactivated and activated again have the signals of the last 7 days of Office 365 usage.

Do users get notified when they receive a recognition or a Champ from one of their colleagues?

No, TeamsChamp does not notify you when you receive a “Champ”, but this does have a direct impact on the Digital Communication or Digital Collaboration indicators.

Can I obtain reports on the use of the applications by Departments?

No, TeamsChamp is not designed to get usage reports for Office 365 applications.

Can I access my data directly, since it's installed on my tenant?

TeamsChamp is self-provisioning from the Tenant of ENCAMINA S. L.
IT IS NOT INSTALLED ON THE CLIENT’S TENANT, so you can only access the data from the TeamsChamp application.

Can I set which application has more weight in the score (Teams, Yammer…)?

Yes, this can be modulated from the admin panel (admin.teamschamp.com)

What Kind of Actions "Give You More Points"?

This can be configured according to each client. The administrator registered on TeamsChamp can access admin.teamschamp.com to make these settings.

Can the data obtained be viewed through a Power BI data analysis platform?

Yes, but it would require consultancy services and project work that TeamsChamp does not include in its SaaS package.

How many administrators can TeamsChamp have?

As many administrators as the client needs.

Can I use Teamschamp, even if I don't have Teams installed in my installation yet, but I have all the other Microsoft 365 solutions?

Yes, TeamsChamp gets usage signals from all Office 365 solutions, not just MICROSOFT TEAMS.

Can the score be set in percentage terms instead of by "Champs" (or Likes)?

Currently the application only shows the score, any modification will have to be planned and, if approved, it would appear in the planned roadmap.


Is there a list of actions available to users that clearly indicates them which actions can get them more points and how much?

Yes, many materials have been developed to help you take advantage of TeamsChamp without requiring the intervention of ENCAMINA’s services. Among them there is a Decalogue of how to earn points in TeamsChamp. You can see all these materials in the following link.

How often is the information updated?

The information is updated daily, taking into account a time window of the last 7 days of user activity.

Can I manually influence the employees' scores?

The administrator can include other signals that the company wants to enhance during the gamification process and, as they are not directly processed by TeamsChamp, they would have to be added manually by each user.

Can I get the score list of all users, not just the top ones?

No, the app only shows you the top 10 of the global leaderboard and your teammates on your team leaderboard. If you would like to obtain a different list, you must previously communicate it to info@teamschamp.com as a special case to be evaluated.


Do you offer TeamsChamp implementation services?

Yes, together with TeamsChamp you can hire TeamsChamp consulting services from different partners (including ENCAMINA.S.L). You can see all ENCAMINA’s offerings in the following link.

In addition, you can find out what other ENCAMINA products are available and learn all about TeamsPower, the state of Digital Transformation of your company, or Teams Adoption, a packaged service for teams implementation and adoption within your company.

How long does it take to install TeamsChamp? Can I do it with my own it team or do we need support from the ENCAMINA technical team?

ENCAMINA’s intervention is NOT necessary to use and take advantage of TeamsChamp. Many materials have been developed to help you take advantage of TeamsChamp without requiring the intervention of ENCAMINA’s services. You can see all these materials in the following link.

If required, ENCAMINA can support the client throughout the entire installation and use process, with an additional TeamsChamp premium consulting cost.

In installations with many users (+400 users) how do you recommend to implement TeamsChamps? With several pilot groups, all at once, etc.?

A TeamsChamp gamification plan has been designed to provide guidelines for this kind of issues. You can find it here.

To what extent can I customize TeamsChamp?

TeamsChamp has an admin panel for each organization to customize, for example, which signals will TeamsChamp take into account, which variables will have more weight in the formula, which tips will be prioritized in TeamsChamp or the style that you want to give to your TeamsChamp (Comic or Corporate style).

Can I get signals from servicing solutions such as planner, flow or other M365 Services that may be of interest to my organization, and parameterize them appropriately so that their use is measured by TeamsChamp?

TeamsChamp is prepared to increase the number of signals to be obtained, but these are not taken into account in this version of TeamsChamp, so a project with ENCAMINA S. L. should be proposed to take these signals into account or, alternatively, wait for the advance of the roadmap of the product.

Once TeamsChamp is installed in my environment, is there a usage time limit to obtain results or can it be installed for as long as I may deem appropriate for my organization?

We recommend a minimum time of 3 months to make the most of it, but it’s a SaaS product that can be implemented continuously, create different types of campaigns (gamifications) for different seasons, different users for each action, etc.


Is there a minimum recruitment period?

No, licenses are paid per use, that is, users/month are purchased and billed for the days the license is in use. However, a minimum contract period of 3 months is recommended.

What is the limit of free users?

TeamsChamp offers a free version, which adds 10 random users registered in the Azure Active Directory (AAD). If you want to update or add users, you must change to the Business version, where the billing model is user/month.

Can I receive a VAT invoice?

Yes, all company data must be specified on the purchase form in order to apply this tax.

Do I have to pay in advance or at the end of the period?

Payment is made per user at the beginning of the month. Once that period has been completed, if users are added, they will be charged in the next period (next invoice).

I have a large volume of users, can you offer me a special price?

Yes, for large organizations there is an Enterprise plan, in which the prices for large organizations are different.

If it's not what I expected, will I get a refund?

We offer a free version (limited in number of users) to avoid possible misunderstandings or mismatch. You can find more information here.


What exactly does TeamsChamp do with the data?

TeamsChamp connects to your organization’s Microsoft 365 usage metrics (provided by Microsoft Office Graph) in order to apply a statistical algorithm to calculate TeamsChamp’s main digital communication and digital collaboration indicators.

It’s important to know that TeamsChamp doesn’t access users’ personal data (we will never have access to the content), but rather the aggregated usage data. That is, TeamsChamp doesn’t analyze the email that a user sends, but accesses the accumulated number of emails sent by this user in the last 7 days (for example).

Where is data stored?

The data is stored in Azure’s subscription to CosmosDB. Since the entire application is mounted on Microsoft services, all transport and storage applies Microsoft Security.

Why do you need my organization's data?

TeamsChamp needs access to data in order to calculate the Digital Collaboration and Digital Communication indicators. These calculations are based on user interaction with the Office 365 applications of your organization.