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definition of TeamsChamp

What is Teams Champ?

TeamsChamp is a Microsoft Teams app that helps you measure employees´ Digital Communication and Collaboration by analyzing the usage their do on Office 365 tools such as SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Exchange, Skype, etc.

Its main goal is to drive the best use of Office 365 in your organization, but also to enhance the skills needed for your digital transformation, through gamification.

Monitored Applications
monitor onedrive on office 365 and teamschamp
monitor SharePoint on office 365 and teamschamp
monitor Microsoft Teams on office 365 and teamschamp
monitor Yammer on office 365 and teamschamp

Improves leveraging Office 365 by gamification
and boosting communication and digital collaboration

improve your collaboration with TeamsChamp
Digital Collaboration
How to take advantage
of digital tools to boost efficiency
improve your communication with TeamsChamp
Digital Communication
How to take advantage
of digital channels to improve communication
improve your lidership with TeamsChamp
Digital Leadership
How to influence other through my use of digital tools and channels

Digital competency Indicators
(the secret formula)

TeamsChamp accesses aggregated metrics from each use´s use of the different Microsoft 365 tools
  • How do we access the data?

    TeamsChamp accesses usage data from Microsoft 365 applications, applies the secret formula (a mathematical algorithm) that summarize the data and converts it into Digital communication and Collaboration indicators. TeamsChamp does not access personal data, it simply aggregates employee usage data. NEVER access the contents of the activities.

  • The formula for each digital skill

    The calculation formula of each digital skill are the weighted sum of the processed metrics, such as:

    • Number of shared documents on OneDrive
    • Open Teams chats
    • Published posts on Yammer
    • Viewed documents in SharePoint
    • Quantify more than 30 usage signals!

    Depending on the skills to boost, the metrics are considered to affect communication or digital operation more

  • The values are calculated using 7 day intervals

    The values are calculated in 7 day intervals in order to eliminate the seasonality of the days of the week and apply filters to attenuate the actions that generate access peaks to Office 365 (i.e. synchronize a directory with thousands of documents)

the secret calculation formula of the indicators

Organization’s Goals

benefits about the improvement of collaboration and communication

Encourage users to be aware of their use of Microsoft 365

Improve the communication and collaboration of the organization

Ensure positive dynamics and freshness within your organization

Provide Microsoft 365 best practices and tips for users

Discover hidden talents among the members of the organization

Make your investment in Office 365 profitable



Testimonials of customers on TeamsChamp - Cosentino
“Thanks to TeamsChamp at Cosentino we have managed to get our colleagues, spread around the world, to use more and better the communication and collaboration tools, making us feel a little closer. With TeamsChamp we gave a significant boost to our adoption thanks to including gamification in our processes”
David Moreno
IT Solution Architect, Cosentino Group
Testimonials of COO using TeamsChamp - Cosentino
“With the implementation of TeamsChamp we have made all members of the company more involved by sharing business content and using the collaboration and communication tools to be able to appear first in the Weekly Ranking. Thus, obtaining greater productivity and proactivity in daily work.”
Fran Lens
COO, Aleson ITC
opinion of a Microsoft about teamschamp
“The use of TeamsChamp awakened in our colleagues a competitive vein that we did not know. Even being from several countries, the pride of being left above was encouraged. It was a fun and really useful way to adopt good practices and realize the full potential not only of Teams but of other Office tools like Yammer or OneDrive”
Miguel Gil
Gestión de la Demanda Global, Grupo PRISA - Santillana

Use & Features

  • Global Leaderboard Showing the top ten employees of the company regarding each skill are shown sorted by their score.
  • My Team Leaderboard Build your custom Teams using My team tab where employees working on the same team are displayed, so this allows us to do gamification dynamics using the equipment.
  • My Tip of the Day An area where the best Microsoft 365 tips are displayed
Global LeaderBoard display the best communication and digital collaboration colleagues
My Team LeaderBoard display the best communication and digital collaboration colleagues i am working with
the tips display on teamschamp app to improve the digital competences

Extra Features

the personal digital and productivty score on others

My Score

We can find a personal area for each employee. This section provides you with information used, where each user can evaluate themselves and know how many points, what position he or she occupies or what badges he has earned.

Only I know my score (Champs) in digital collaboration and communication (unless I´m a champion and in the TOP 10, then I become an inspiring Champion for everyone else)

Badges represent that you are ranked higher than your colleagues regarding the use of the tool
personal badges earned by the use of the applications of office 365

Give Champs (reconginiton awards)

  • ·
    Once a day you can give champs to your colleagues, according to your opinion of whom is doing better in communication or digital collaboration.
  • ·
    To give the Champs you simply must clickon its profile.
  • ·
    Before delivering the Champs, the program will ask you to validate your decision.
give recognition (champs) to your colleagues
what data gather TeamsChamp, no personal data

User’s Privacy and Security

  • Security based on and integrated into Office 365 SSO
  • TeamsChamp stores customer data securely in our Microsoft Azure Infrastructure. To keep it safe, we use encryption in data transport and at rest.
  • The aggregated data is obtained through Office Graph (Microsoft API)
  • TeamsChamp does not access or store any personal information related to the contents or messages, neither the user nor the organization
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