The added value of Microsoft Partners

TeamsChamp, managed by you, helps your clients get the best out of their Microsoft 365

It enhances the digital skills of your client’s employees in a fresh, easy and original way:

  • User and tenant configurations
  • Specific tips for each user
  • Who are the champions and the best users influencing others
  • Dynamizing the game and configuring it

TeamsChamp is designed to let the Microsoft Partner add value to the service itself

Modulation of Indicators
by Partners

Each partner will be able to modulate the Collaboration and Communication skills score, and select the best practices to help the organization successfully adopt Microsoft 365

Partners management

  • Tenant Management
  • Control panel
  • User Management
  • Tips management
TeamsChamp wants to boost Office 365 adoption by the client’s Partner
This panel allows the Partner to manage the tenants in which TeamsChamp has been installed. The Partner can view, add or remove tenants in a simple way.
Each time the Partner adds a new client’s Tenant, TeamsChamp provides a link that can be installed in the client’s tenant.
From the control panel, Partners will be able to make a personalized management of TeamsChamp for each client. Partners can select:
  • 1.
    The tools that they want to strengthen in each organization
    Partners can visualize all the tools monitored on TeamsChamp. With just a click they will be able to activate or deactivate the measurement of each tool
  • 2.
    The different business areas they want to boost
    TeamsChamp can be implemented only on the areas of the company that Partners want to boost, such as: Marketing, HR, Production, etc.
  • 3.
    The functions that will carry the most weight in the secret formula
    Partners can choose which digital actions in Microsoft 365 they want to have a greater weight on TeamsChamp, such as posting on Yammer or sharing documents on SharePoint.
  • 4.
    Connectivity insights
    It includes an area to show the weekly and monthly connections to TeamsChamp.
In addition, the panel provides information on how many badges have been assigned, which users are active and what is their weekly or monthly use.
Manage users in a simple way
The user management panel allows the Partner to customize which users participate in TeamsChamp in a simple, quick and easy way. In addition, the Partner can exclude certain users from accessing the application and participating in the competition.
Manage and create personalized Tips to improve the adoption process in the office
The user can find a personalized tip every day on TeamsChamp. There are a number of personalized tips in the system which will be personalized for each user
Partners can add personalized TIPS for each client and customize them for each scope.

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